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Structural/ Ornamental Ironworkers install and reinforce structural/ ornamental steel components, precast structural concrete members and glued laminate timber products in commercial, industrial, institutional and large residential buildings, towers, bridges and stadiums. They also erect pre-engineered buildings and ornamental ironwork.

You can visualize finished products.

You have experience using tools & machinery.

You are comfortable working at heights and in diverse weather.


  • Install and reinforce structural/ornamental steel components and other materials according to blueprints.
  • Erect scaffolding, cranes, hoists and derricks on construction sites.
  • Signal crane operators to position units according to specifications.
  • Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed.
  • Align, weld or bolt units in place and look for defects in prefabricated metal structures.
  • Can be involved in demolition and salvage duties involving all types of construction.

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Strong communication, problem-solving and planning skills.
  • Reading and numeracy.
  • Experience using precision tools & machinery.
  • Ability to work in high places.
  • Ability to work outdoors in diverse weather.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment.

Entering the Trade

  • Is there a training pathway for this trade?: Yes
  • Number of Levels: 3
  • Total Required Apprenticeship Hours: 5,400
  • Total Hours Required to Challenge Exam as a Trade Qualifier:  8,100

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Hourly Pay

$41.42 – $45.24/hr

*Based on 2023 collective agreement Journeyperson hourly rate

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~6,500 by 2032*

*BuildForce Canada 10-Year Workforce Outlook for NB

Did You Know?

Ironworkers are broken into three categories: Generalists, Structural/Ornamental, and Reinforcing.