Red Seal & Requires License or Permit to Work

Mobile Crane Operators use mobile cranes to lift, move, position and place materials and equipment. Mobile crane types included crawlers, floating platform-mounted, ring mounted, truck mounted, rough-terrain (RT) and all terrain (AT).

You have strong communication skills.

You have a mechanical aptitude.

You have excellent visual and depth perception.


  • Perform pre-operational inspections.
  • Calculate crane capacities and determine load weight.
  • Set up, position and stabilize crane before the lift.
  • Perform some routine maintenance of equipment such as lubricating and cleaning.
  • Disassemble and transport crane.

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Well-developed reading and math skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent visual and depth perception with a high degree of hand-foot-eye coordination.

Entering the Trade

  • Is there a training pathway for this trade?: No
  • Total Hours Required to Challenge Exam as a Trade Qualifier: Mobile Crane Operator 1 or 2 Certificate


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Hourly Pay

$35.49 & Up /hr

*Based on 2023 collective agreement Journeyperson hourly rate

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~6,500 by 2032*

*BuildForce Canada 10-Year Workforce Outlook for NB

Did You Know?

Mobile cranes are widely used and can be found in locations such as construction sites, warehouses, factories, mines, oily rigs, refineries, etc.