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Tilesetters cover, protect, repair and decorate wall surfaces, floors, ceilings, pools, showers, and other surfaces with tiles They can be employed by construction companies, masonry companies or self-employed.

Good problem-solving and math skills.

Good spatial awareness.

Enjoy working with hand and power tools.


  • Read and interpret architectural drawings and material specifications to determine tile layouts, finish, and installation requirements.
  • They must consider factors such as slopes, curves and pattern layout and convert measurements between imperial and metric systems.
  • Prepare surfaces for tiling; select, mix, and apply mortar, cement, and adhesives; cut, polish and fit tiles; apply grout.
  • Handle materials including ceramic, mosaics, glass, quarry tiles, slate, engineered stone, terrazzo, porcelain and marble or granite slabs.

Key Skills & Attributes

  • Problem-solving, critical thinking and numeracy skills.
  • Work inside and outside, as well as at heights or in confined spaces.
  • Able to lift heavy materials and operate various types of equipment.
  • Good spatial awareness, vision, coordination and balance.
  • Creativity.

Entering the Trade

  • Is there a training pathway for this trade?: Yes
  • Number of Levels: 3 (technical training in development)
  • Total Required Apprenticeship Hours: 5,400
  • Total Hours Required to Challenge Exam as a Trade Qualifier: 8,100

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Hourly Pay

$34.48 – $35.57/hr

*Based on 2023 collective agreement Journeyperson hourly rate

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~6,500 by 2032*

*BuildForce Canada 10-Year Workforce Outlook for NB